Command & Conquer 3 Kane's Wrath cheat codes & Hack

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    Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore.
    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Ascendancy (100)Complete Act III of the Campaign
    Cybernetic Conqueror (10)Play in a quick match game as the Marked of Kane
    Eco Warrior (30)Complete 'Kane's Challenge' with ZOCOM
    Finesse Fanatic (10)Play in a quick match game as Traveler-59
    Fire in the Skies (20)SECRET:Destroy the Philadelphia - The Betrayal of Kilian Qatar
    Fist of the Prophet (75)Complete Act II of the Campaign
    For the Prophet! (10)Win a Skirmish game with Nod
    For they are LEGION! (20)SECRET:Raise the Marked of Kane - Will Made Flesh
    From Beyond (10)Win a Skirmish game with the Scrin
    From the Ashes... (75)Complete Act 1 of the Campaign
    Good Job, Commander (10)Play in a quick match game as GDI
    Granger's Finest (10)Win a Skirmish game with GDI
    Great Potential... (10)Complete Boot Camp
    Heir to the Blood Cult (30)Complete 'Kane's Challenge' with Reaper-17
    Heretic's Bane (20)SECRET:Capture brother marcion
    Hotshot (0)SECRET:Skip Boot Camp - Boot Camp
    Kane will be Pleased (10)Play in a quick match game as Nod
    MARV Masher (15)SECRET:Destroy all three GDI MARVs - MARV Rising
    Master of Manipulation (30)Complete 'Kane's Challenge' with Traveler-59
    Mindcrusher (10)Win a Skirmish game with Traveler-59
    No School like the Old School (30)Complete 'Kane's Challenge' with the Steel Talons
    Nod Loyalist (15)SECRET:Rescue all Nod units from the Traveler-59 Cultists - Hearts and Minds
    Off to a Good Start (15)Play in a 1v1 Custom match
    Off World Oppressor (10)Play in a quick match game as the Scrin
    Oh, the Hubris (15)SECRET: Destroy Brother Marcion's Statues [Campaign Act 1 Scene 3 : Persuade Him...]
    Oh, the Humanity! (10)Use a Superweapon in a match
    Oh... You're Good... (30)Defeat a Brutal difficulty AI in a 1v1 skirmish match
    Old School (10)Play in a quick match game as the Steel Talons
    Peace through Power (30)Complete 'Kane's Challenge' with Nod
    Power through Peace (30)Complete 'Kane's Challenge' with GDI
    Puttin' Heretics to the Flame (10)Play in a quick match game as the Black Hand
    Reaping Just Rewards (10)Play in a quick match game as Reaper-17
    Ritual Sacrifice (10)Win a Skirmish game with Reaper-17
    Scorched Earth (10)Win a Skirmish game with the Black Hand
    Scrin Overseer (30)Complete 'Kane's Challenge' with the Scrin
    Sharp Work (10)Win a Skirmish game with the Steel Talons
    Sonic Suppressor (10)Play in a quick match game as ZOCOM
    Soulless Victory (10)Win a Skirmish game with the Marked of Kane
    Team Player (15)Play in a 2v2 Custom Match
    The Way of the Future (30)Complete 'Kane's Challenge' with the Marked of Kane
    Thieves in the Temple (15)SECRET:Steal all the Gold Bullion - All that Glitters
    True Ascendancy (100)Complete all Campaign missions on Hard Difficulty
    Vanguard of the Prophet (30)Complete 'Kane's Challenge' with the Black Hand

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