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How To Setup Google Apps on Your Website

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Google Apps is a service from Google for using Google products like mail, docs, calendar etc on your domain name.Google Apps has a free version and you can signup for that and get the Google products at your domain name. You will get a GMail interface for email handling on your domain. You will be able to use this custom email addresse( on Google Talk or any other Jabber Client.If you bought a Custom Domain from Blogger,then you have already created the Google Apps account and so you can ignore this tutorial.

Create Newsletter for your Blogger Blog

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Newsletter is a good option when you want to send custom mails to your blog readers. It lets you send content rich HTML emails to your readers.Its not like the Feedburner Email Subscription(which just sends post updates via email at regular intervals) .You will be able to compose and send the newsletter at any time. Here are the steps to enable and send Newsletters.
1. Go to and login there
2.Click on your Blog Name from the Left Pane.(If your blog is not already there, then add it)

How to Setup a Sub Domain on a Blogger Custom Domain Blog

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This tutorial is for all those who are already using Custom Domains with Blogger. If you already have a blogger blog at some Custom domain like , then you might want to add a sub domains to this custom domain like etc. An example of such a sub-domain is It is a blogger powered blog, which i created on the sub-domain. In order to create blogs at sub-domains, you need to create CNAME records for the same.

Create Sub Domain on a Blogger Custom Domain

Here we will learn how we can add a new sub domain to your blogger custom domain blog. As an example we will learn how to create a sub domain to your custom domain blog. (If you have need some other sub-domain change blog with what you want). To do that we need to create 2 CNAME records.(one of them will be used for redirection purpose)
1. pointing to
2. pointing to

How Add a Reply Button To Blogger Comments

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Hi friends you would have seen a reply button to each particular comment in wordpress blogs, and we also want blogger to add this feature in blogger comments and make blogger comments more useful.But they busy in adding more blogger features to blogger blogs to make it more easy and useful.As its not possible to make hack to have this reply button in blogger comments as wordpress blogs, but we have come with small hack like this to make reply button which would make look blogger comment system look better than before.

Now lets continue to how adding reply button to each comment in blogger.

How Add Any Blogger Widget Without Any Title To it

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Nowadays many blogger are facing problem in keeping the title blank of the blogger widgets they adding.Like when we add any blogger widget to blogger blog we need to add title and widget content to it and the widget get added in the sidebar.As if you would have noticed before blogger used to allow, to add content to widget without any title but now when we add content to widget it has become necessary to add title to the widget else it dont get added to blogger layout.Due to this many bloggers are facing problem as there are many widgets that dont need any title to be added.Like you say Linklist widget or any sponsors widget codes, many dont feel need to add title to some widgets.They want to keep it widget title blank without showing any title.

So i will be going to tell you how to make that title disappear from that widget.Below image will make clear what i am trying to hide and what content only want to show.

How to create SEO optmized web pages?

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Creating Optimized Web Pages

Creating search-engine-optimized Web pages is the core effort of a successful Internet marketing campaign. Taking care of technical on-site factors such as file names, title tags, meta description tags,meta keyword tags, and meta robots tags is crucial to making sure the search-engine spiders can determine the relevance of your Web site. Think of search-engine spiders as robots that read the content of yourWeb pages. Optimizing your content with header tags and other text modifiers allows you to stress the main ideas and topics that your content covers. Optimization of images is important for those Web browsers that do not support images, and because search-engine spiders cannot read the content of an image, optimizing images presents an extra avenue to squeeze in more content. Links provide the pathways that search-engine spiders need to find your Web pages. Creating these links with search-engine optimization in mind is necessary for optimal results. Throughout the Web page creation process, try to adhere to the standards set forth by the World Wide Web Consortium. The consortium works to create standards in Web design and development that ensure Internet-wide compatibility.

URL Structure

Every Web page that you create is stored in a file. Every file has a name. Using file names that are relevant to the content of your Web page is important for numerous reasons. Besides your domain name, the search-engine spiders see your file names before anything else. If your file names are not relevant to the content contained on that page, the search engines can algorithmically detect a disconnect. Taking the extra time to ensure that file names are properly designed can provide an added boost to your rankings.

Optimize Title Tags

Title tags are an extremely influential search-engine ranking factor. What you place in your Web page title tags has a substantial effect on where and for what terms your page ranks. Just as importantly, the first thing a human visitor sees when finding your page on the search-engine results is your title tag. Title tags should be descriptive of what your Web page is about and compel potential visitors to visit your site.

Best Free Wordpress Adsense Ready Theme

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But today, I am going to share with you the best and free wordpress adsense ready theme that has great features inside it. All the features are given below.
 Technogati AdsenseReady  V1.2 (New)
screenshot adsenseready1.2 
300x218 WP Themes
AdsenseReady V1.2 has created with the aim of including several features which we knew most bloggers would find useful. One of these is the freedom to choose which type of ad units should be automatically displayed.
While designed to effortlessly incorporate a large amount of Adsense ads, AdsenseReady v1.2 allows you to have complete control over the amount of ads displayed and therefore is even suitable for bloggers who are not seeking to heavily monetize their blogs.
Here are some of the theme features, some of which are currently exclusive to AdsenseReady v1.2:

The Principle of Proximity in Web Design

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Recently I picked up an old design book that I hadn’t touched in a while, and it reminded me of a design principle that many of us put into practice probably only subconsciously, if at all.
The book deals with designing for print, but I thought it would make a great topic to discuss in the context of web design.
The principle of proximity calls for related items to be grouped visually, creating less clutter and making for a more organized layout. Items unrelated to each other should be placed further apart, to emphasize their lack of relationship.
I’ll discuss details and some ways in which this can be implemented effectively, but this definition should suffice for what we’ll discuss in this article.
The correct use of proximity, in conjunction with other design principles, has a big impact on the user experience and, ultimately, a website’s overall success.

Don’t Fear White Space

The first step to properly implementing the principle of proximity is understanding the importance of white space in design.
Lack of white space is a common problem in amateur designs. Design is a means of communicating information, and when amateurs attempt to convey a message through design, their natural inclination is to spread out the content evenly to fill the space, without giving much thought to the potential of well-organized white space.
White space can affect the user’s behavior as much, if not more, than the actual content on the page. White space guides the user’s eyes in the intended direction, creates contrast and makes a lasting impression.
Even though W3Avenue’s website above contains a considerable amount of content (with articles under numerous categories, like any design blog) and a series of sidebar ads, it doesn’t overwhelm the user visually.
The generous room in the header and appropriately spaced items in the content and sidebar areas contribute to this clean and organized look. W3Avenue is not doing anything particularly unique with its content, but its design probably contributes to the strong traffic it gets in a short period of time.
So don’t be insecure about empty space in your design. Properly using white space is the first step in implementing the principle of proximity and, thus, making a design more visually appealing.

20 Tips on How to Write for the Web

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There are really only a few tricks to writing properly for the web. If you know how to write, you are already 95% of the way there.
These are some of the more common mistakes that I’ve seen in web copy and some tricks that I use every day to write effectively, from e-mails to site pages.
You don’t need to be an English major to understand any of this advice either. It is written in plain English that everyone can understand.
These are tips based on my own experience and education as a writer, and particularly as a writer specializing in the web.

If you’ve got some tips of your own feel free to share them in the comments section. 

1. It’s Versus Its
This is a very common mistake that a lot of people make.
It’s is short for “it is”, so “it’s all relative” is correct while “it’s color is blue” is not. “Its” is a term of possession, so “its color is blue” is correct.

2. Overuse Of Punctuation

Excess punctuation should be left out of most sentences on the web. If a reader sees a sentence with more than one comma, the sentence becomes harder to scan and therefore more likely to turn a reader off.
More advanced punctuation such as semi-colons and colons should be avoided completely by starting new sentences instead.

How to Build a Footer That Doesn’t Stink

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As the first thing visitors see, home pages and headers often steal the design spotlight.
But above-the-fold thinking neglects the natural flow of vertical page layout. What happens when people reach the end of a page?
You can bet that a simple copyright statement won’t hold visitors’ attention, but many pages are designed with the expectation that people will find their way… or so we assume.
The bottom of a page is not the end of a website. An informative, compelling footer is the natural place to lead people to more information within the site rather than wandering aimlessly.
Read more about the trends and innovations that follow page content and answer the unspoken question, where to from here?
The ongoing problem of how to hold people’s attention can be addressed in many ways: eye-popping graphics, clever use of negative space, snappy typography and well-written text.
But all too often people are left hanging when they scroll to the bottom of the page. Should they scroll back up? Visit another website? Close the tab?
Where the body content ends, the footer takes over.

Your blog may be succedded

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Blogging has become the trend of the day. Many webmasters have turned to content management systems like blogs to power their websites. Blog have also become a great tool that most businesses use to get the attention of more customers. With all the the different blogging software and options available nowadays, setting up a blog is much easier than it used to be.
For the independent professional, blogs are an easy communication tool to enhance credibility and trust among customers. Besides that, blogs make it easy for other people to locate you on the Internet.
But then, 9 out of 10 blogs that are created have the tendency to be abandoned because they can take up a lot of time. And time is one thing that professionals do not have much of. The result may not seem apparent in the beginning but it will be later on.
There are some keys to making your blog work best for you, instead of you working for it. Once you learn and practice these steps, it will only take you less than 20 minutes to post one entry.
A little more time should be spent reviewing, reading and commenting on your blog and other blogs sites on the internet. Interacting with your blogs visitors and interacting on other blogs will help increase your traffic and keep your subscribers and readers coming back to your blog.
Here are a few keys to a successful blog?
1. Write important and unique content. You can also narrate and share stories to highlight your knowledge and expertise. Never forget how telling your readers how you deal with clients or problems. Let them know the value of what you are offering. And make it easy for them to contact you if they have questions to ask or if they want to avail your services.
2. Post at least tree times a week or as much as once a day. These need not be very long articles. Short articles are fine as long as long as the essence and value is there.
3. Link to other useful resources available on the web. This is very important in order to build traffic and expanding your target market. You can research online for topics you can post that is related to your sites offering. Try to visit and comment on other blogs. Let them know that you are spending time reading about them so they know that you are always available.
4. Submit your blog to blog directories and do trackbacks. has a long list of directories, a link should be on the sidebar here. Trackbacks are links to another sites blog post within your blog post. Making reference to another blog post you liked may show as comment on that post and get a link back to yours.

Making Your Blogger Blog DoFollow

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As I have been going through blogs in the dofollow blog list, I see there are a large number of Blogger blogs in the list.  Blogger blogs, like self hosted Wordpress Blogs are nofollow by default.
In order to get your Blogger blog accepted into my dofollow directory, not only do you have to make your blog dofollow, you also have to setup your comments correctly.
To change a Blogger blog from nofollow, to dofollow, you must modify the template that you are using.  Every time you change the template on your blog, you will have to manually change the template to be nofollow.
Here is how to do that.
Login to your Blogger account, click on “Settings”, click on “Layout”, then “Edit HTML”.  Now we will find the rel=’nofollow’ tag and remove it.
Edit Blogger Template
Edit Blogger Template
In your browser do an Edit – Find and look for rel=’nofollow’.  It will look something like this.
Remove DoFollow from Blogger
Remove DoFollow from Blogger
Delete the “rel=’nofollow’”, and nothing else.  I would also do another Find to make sure you found all instances of rel=’nofollow’ and removed them.
Save the template.

12+ tips to show your inner or older blog post to your reader

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Do you ever think, Why your old blog entries and your older article, post is most non viewed elements? Many of you start blogging with annoy identification. It doesn't matter but, this may hurt you after you have large number of blog post. So, you understand? You have to start blogging with entire known identification. Then you and your blog must be popular. This is the solution for the beginners. But, people who already done their work to their blog, What should they do?

You have a good content in your blog. And that content are not able to show to your reader, because that is inside and inside in your blog. So, here is some tips to show your good quality article inside your blog.

How to make money online with adbrite

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If you are a regular reader of this blog,you would be shocked to see this post,but i get this question asked daily,"How to make money online",or "How do you make money with adbrite",if you are a regular reader of my site you must know that i got banned from adsense and as an alternative i became a publisher on adbrite,so far adbrite is earning me alot.I thought to make a review about adbrite and tell you How to make money online with adbrite"

Adbrite has been around for a while now, developed by Pud who is a serial entrepreneur. It came about as an alternative to Google Adsense, but very different in that a price is given for a set period of time and for a set price. There’s no ppc (pay per click), which is favoured by Adsense and it’s copycats. The point of Adbrite is to get as many clicks possible to your advert in the alotted time.

How to make more money with adbrite

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