How to make money online with adbrite

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If you are a regular reader of this blog,you would be shocked to see this post,but i get this question asked daily,"How to make money online",or "How do you make money with adbrite",if you are a regular reader of my site you must know that i got banned from adsense and as an alternative i became a publisher on adbrite,so far adbrite is earning me alot.I thought to make a review about adbrite and tell you How to make money online with adbrite"

Adbrite has been around for a while now, developed by Pud who is a serial entrepreneur. It came about as an alternative to Google Adsense, but very different in that a price is given for a set period of time and for a set price. There’s no ppc (pay per click), which is favoured by Adsense and it’s copycats. The point of Adbrite is to get as many clicks possible to your advert in the alotted time.

There are a few options to promote your product:

* Text Links – Standard Text link adverts, with a title and description and link to your site
* Banners – These can be graphic banners of any size, although you may be restricted by kb size
* Inline Ads – Adverts on special text keywords.
* Full Page Ads – It would link to your custom landing page
* Britepic – Used in Videos and Images

Adbrite Publisher Tips

As a publisher (which may be the best option), you can display potential advertiser’s adverts on your site. The pricing structure is allocated by the number of uniques, pagerank and impressions your site has! I’d also suggest the following:

* Manage your Ad Zones, experiment with Text Ads, Full Page and Inline – although Text Ads are best
* Keep initial startup prices low and DO NOT use the recommended price adjuster
* When increasing ad prices, they need to be justified..if you’ve got a backlog of advertisers, then that’s the time to do it!
* Make sure the ads are on all pages, even 404′d ones..there’s no restriction compared to Adsense
* Limit the number of adverts. I use a vertical section of 4 ads only

Adbrite vs Adsense:

1. Adsense does not accept Casino, adult and Viagra sites. Adbrite does.

2. If you have a site which is high traffic like Humour where adsense your earnings is low, with adbrite your earnings will be great. Good examples: with Over 490,000 Unique visitors and with Over 620,000, Unique visitors. Those two sites are a low earning with Adsense (proved) but with adbrite their earnings are thousands of dollars per month (may be per day!)

3. Customer care, I will not say that Google Adsense does not have a good customer care, but adbrite is Great! Pud, I will congratulate you about this great support team.

4. With Google adsense you can not sell Ad space in your site, but with Adbrite you can create your own Price and Packages. Also adbrite provide you with Network ads (as Google adsense).

5. Google adsense pay monthly, Adbrite pay 60-days.

6. With Google adsense you can not play with your code, with adbrite, you can add any style that you want. Play with it!

7. You can put Adsense and Adbrite code both, Without any problem.

8. A Small note: Adbrite works great in forums ;)

9. With adbrite the seller has a great advantage showing what the site provides. As unique visitors, Page views, Origin of traffic, Avg cost per click (eCPC), Site Category, Alexa rank, Repurchase rate, Conversion Score, AdBrite since, What CPC can I expect?, Ad zone description, and much more.


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