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How Add a Reply Button To Blogger Comments

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Hi friends you would have seen a reply button to each particular comment in wordpress blogs, and we also want blogger to add this feature in blogger comments and make blogger comments more useful.But they busy in adding more blogger features to blogger blogs to make it more easy and useful.As its not possible to make hack to have this reply button in blogger comments as wordpress blogs, but we have come with small hack like this to make reply button which would make look blogger comment system look better than before.

Now lets continue to how adding reply button to each comment in blogger.

How Add Any Blogger Widget Without Any Title To it

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Nowadays many blogger are facing problem in keeping the title blank of the blogger widgets they adding.Like when we add any blogger widget to blogger blog we need to add title and widget content to it and the widget get added in the sidebar.As if you would have noticed before blogger used to allow, to add content to widget without any title but now when we add content to widget it has become necessary to add title to the widget else it dont get added to blogger layout.Due to this many bloggers are facing problem as there are many widgets that dont need any title to be added.Like you say Linklist widget or any sponsors widget codes, many dont feel need to add title to some widgets.They want to keep it widget title blank without showing any title.

So i will be going to tell you how to make that title disappear from that widget.Below image will make clear what i am trying to hide and what content only want to show.

jQuery Image Galleries & Sliders – Best Of Read more: jQuery Image Galleries & Sliders – Best Of

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jQuery image galleries and sliders are very common on portfolio sites and are also useful for any other type of site for displaying images and photos. Also, provide a good user experience and make viewing images more pleasant and intuitive on your website. With the advent of powerful JavaScript frameworks like jQuery, Prototype, Mootools etc., the quality of JavaScript based image galleries and slideshows have improved dramatically.
slideshows jQuery Image Galleries & Sliders   Best Of
Today we’ve prepared for you a good list of the best jQuery image sliders and galleries plugins that can provide you with the resources that you need to get a gallery or a slider on your site.

How Add and Use Custom Fonts For Blogger Titles and Posts

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 Hi friends as this is my first tutorial on my blog from a long time, as i have been giving you a lot of templates for your blog from past few months.And thanx to you all for appreciating and using my templates.But From now i would be making tutorials for you as well with templates.So tutorial for you today is about adding the custom fonts to your blogger blog, for its post titles or for post body.As before also it was possible to add custom fonts to blogger using cufon, but it was bit complicated and difficult to do so in blogger and it also increased the loading time for our blog.

How Remove Automatic Read More Hack From Blogger Static Pages

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How make work automatic read more hack with thumbnail from blogger static pages,as we have been using automatic read more hack with thumbnail in blogger templates alot.But after the the blogger released static pages feature for the bloggers, the read more hack started making problems in static pages.As when we open the static page in blogger,it openes with read more hack and remains same on expanding.So to make the pages feature work well with this hack we have to remove the automatic read more hack with thumbnail from pages to make the blogger pages work well.

Show Comment Bubble At Top Of Each Blogger Posts

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How To Make Comment Bubble At Top Of Blogger Posts,as you have seen it using in many blogs and i am sure you would not be knowing how to make and show that comment bubble count and link at top of the blogger post.So that's why i am here to make you learn it,and add it to your blogs.As its not as difficult as you might be thinking of.

As you would have checked my last blogger template-The latest Blogger template for sure and must have liked it.I have made 3-4 more proffesional templates for you,but unluckily today i got my exams schedule and will not be able to post these templates for you till 30 of july,so you have to wait for them ,as they need little finishng touch and testing with an installation guide,so will post these templates in beggining of august.

How Show Blogger Profile Images In Comments As Avatars

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How To Show Blogger Profile Images In Blogger Comments.As many of us bloggers saying it as showing of avatars in blogger comments but they are not avatars, they are just your blogger profile images and many readers also get mistaken by it, But they are right to say them as avatars, as they are like avatars for our bloggers.As it has been near about an month blogger has released this feature and i have found most of the bloggers also using this in there blogs.But some still have problems and not have made the solution for blank spaces in comments for anonymous comments.So i would like to hold a complete detailed tutorial on it.The below picture show up how profile images show up in blog as i have taken this snapshot from my blog after implementing this hack.

Hack To Share Your Adsense Revenue With Different Authors Of Your Blog

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You would be knowing for sure as now all the big bloggers with many writers use adsense revenue sharing hack for blogs.What actually it is about?.As many still would be not knowing about it,Like suppose i own a blog and run it.Now there are also,3 more authors to my blog who also write for my blog.Now the blog is owned by me but it have 4 authors including me who are very active on my blog to post and i have been using adsense adds at the beginning and end of the post to make some money out of it.

Now problem comes here,as how to distribute or share the revenue with other authors of my blog to give there share,as it becomes difficult to check how much the authors post is contributing to revenue of blog.So the thing only can be done is to show the adds of the that author google adsense account on posts done by him/her.As this will give him the exact revenue he deserves for doing that post.

I hope now you would be clear what i was talking about.Now this hack is very simple in wordpress blogs as plugin is available for it.Now i would like to tell you how make this work in bloggers.If you really have many authors to your blog-you can really use this hack to attract more authors and give them the reason to work hard for posting on your blog,which would give them the real revenue they deserve for that post.

As the best part is,if the author had previous posts on your blog,the adds will appear on that posts too automatically.Now how to implement it in blogger.

How Show Post Date For Blogger Posts Done On Same Day

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How To Show The Post Date For All Your Blogger Posts you do on your blog including posts you have done On same day i.e as in blogger you have an option of date-header to show up the date for each post that you have done in blogger to show up when it was posted.But there is only one small problem in this feature,as when we do more than one post on same day the date shows up only for one post,that is last one not for both.So if you have problem with this and interested in displaying the date of post in all posts,you can solve this problem following this tutorial.Check the below image showing two posts of my demo blog which i have done on same day.