civilization 4 cheat codes & Hack

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    Debug Codes

    Open the "civ4config" file found in your Sid Meire's Civilization IV install directory (Default is "C:\Documents and Settings\Owner\Application Data\Firaxis Games\Sid Meier's Civilization 4") find "cheatmode = 0", change it to "cheatmode = chipotle". During any game, open the console by pressing the tilda key "~", and type in one of the following then pressing enter.

    Clear the consoleConsole.Clear
    Crashes gameApp.crash
    DebuggingGame.showWBPalette bool bCreate
    Displays all console codeshelp
    Dump console command historyConsole.History
    Forces AI to plat a certain number of turnsGame.AIPlay
    Morph the globeview count times.Profile.morphGlobe
    Rebuild city indicated number of timesProfile.rebuildCity , ,
    Rebuild plot indicated number of timesProfile.rebuildPlot , ,
    Rebuilds terrain and lightingGraphics.ReBuildTerrain
    Reload Civ4ArtDefines.xmlXml.reloadArtDefines
    Reload Civ4TerrainSettings.xmlXml.reloadLandscapeInfo
    Reload Game Text xml filesXml.reloadGameText
    Reloads audio scriptsSound.reload
    Sets hills' scaleGraphics.SetHillScale
    Sets peaks' scaleGraphics.SetPeakScale
    Sets players gold (0 is active player)Player.setGold ,
    Stops musicSound.noMusic
    Stops soundscapes from playingSound.stopSoundScape
    Toggle output of texture loads/accesses to debug outputGame.toggleTextureAccessInfo
    Writes HTML documentation for the current console commandsConsole.CreateDocumentation
  • Insert Unit/City

    After active the cheat mode, press ctrl+shift+left click on a tile. A menu will pop up and allow you to insert unit or city for players/opponent.
    Insert Unit/Cityctrl+shift+left click
  • More hot keys

    First enable Debug Mode then have either a unit or a city selected and push the following keys:
    Add 1 to city population(City) Shift +"+"
    Add 10 to city culture(City) Ctrl + "+"
    City editorHighlight a city. [Ctrl] + [Alt] + Left Mouse Button
    Decrease highlighted unit's strength by 0.2Shift + [
    Display debug menuCtrl + D
    Immediately complete whatever the city is producing(City) "+"
    Increase gold by 1000Ctrl + 4
    Increase highlighted city's culture by 10Ctrl + Plus
    Increase highlighted city's population by 1Shift + Plus
    Increase highlighted unit's strength by 0.2Shift + ]
    Insert unit/cityCtrl + Shift + Left Mouse Button
    Instant production completion for highlighted cityPlus
    Level up highlighted unitCtrl + Plus
    Pops up a dialogue to change a certain nations gold and change the eraShift + T
    Unit level up(Unit) Ctrl + "+"
    World editorCtrl + W

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