How to hack a rapidshare premium account

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Hack Rapidshare account
Are you tired of searching for Free Rapidshare premium account?.Are you fooled by Free rapidshare premium account contest.Well let me tell you one thing that  getting a free rapidshare premium account is not an easy job.In this article i will show you a method which most hackers use to hack a rapidshare account.The method is known as Phishing .

Here is an example how phishing mail looks like:

Phishing scam
Below i am mentioning the procdure to hack a rapdishare premium account.

Phishing Procedure:

1.First of all Download Rapidshare Fake login page 

2.Extract the folder to view the fiels inside

3.Now create an account on any free hosting site, etc

4.Once you have created an account on any of free hosting sites,just go to the file manager and upload all the files to it which you downloaded..

5.Now send your fake page url to the victim eg

6.Once the victim logins through your fake rapidshare page,you will get the password in .txt file
Hack Rapidshare account

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