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remote spy

In have made my best to make you aware of  Remote password hacking softwares availible in marker,i told you about one of the leading spywares in the industry and explained its features,I was testing some of keylogger  i found a Remote password spying software called Remote spy

Unlike software solutions, Remote Spy features innovative anti-detection routines and a firewall bypassing option unavailable in other remote computer monitoring products. This allows for quick and easy monitoring of your remote or local computer with no extraneous configuration needed. No longer be stuck choosing between disabling your security software and recording the activity of your local or remote computer. Begin receiving internet activity logs from your monitored computer within minutes of deployment.

Remote Spy Features:
Powerful Computer Monitoring and Spy Software!

* Internet Conversation Logging - Record both sides of all chat and instant message conversations (unlike basic keyloggers) for AOL, ICQ, MSN (Windows Live), AIM, Yahoo, GoogleTalk, Skype, PalTalk and XFire Instant Messengers. Find out who your employee, child or spouse is speaking with online while using your computer.

* Screenshot Logging - Capture full-size computer monitoring screenshots of your computer's desktop. Visually see exactly what is occurring on your monitored computer at regular intervals.

* Advanced Password Logging - Uncover and store usernames and passwords used on your computer even if the data is already present behind asterisks (***). Works for both windows applications and Internet Explorer websites featuring a password box. This is extremely useful in the case of a computer crashes when you've lost your data and have no other way to recover your valuable passwords and usernames: RemoteSpy can be your backup solution!

* Window Activity Logging - Capture information on every window viewed and interacted with for maximum proof. All window titles will be captured secretly.

* Application Activity Logging - Track every application/executable that was executed and interacted with on your computer. If they open an application on your PC, it will be recorded.

* Keystroke Monitoring - Track all keystrokes pressed via a built-in keylogger [including hidden system keys!] and which windows they were pressed in. Keystrokes can also be passed through a formatter for easy viewing/exporting.

* Website Activity Logging - Log all website titles and addresses that were visited on your PC. All information is recorded invisibly for you to view anytime! Supported browsers include Internet Explorer, Firefox, Netscape, Opera, Chrome and more

Automatically Records All:

* Applications
* Web Sites Visited
* Chat Conversations
* Keystrokes Typed
* Display Screens
* Emails Typed
* Plus Much More!

Automatically Records:

* AOL Chat Rooms
* AOL Instant Messenger
* MSN Instant Messenger
* ICQ Messenger
* Yahoo Messenger
* Trillian Messenger
* All Chat Rooms

Can Invisibly Record:

* Your Children
* Your Employees
* Or Any User on Your Computer!

Our Bonus Features:

* Super Stealth Mode
* Password Protection
* Realtime Recording
* Automatic Recording
* Inactivity Timeout
* Fast File Searching
* Log File Exporting

Sniperspy VS Remote spy :
Which is better Sniperspy or Remotespy,well both remote spying softwares are better in different ways,Sniperspy has a feature through which you can moniter a computer like a television screen and remote spy has a less antivirus detection rate and more features

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