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Who doesn’t like free stuff! I know you do, that’s why I’m going to give you this awesome eBook on batch programming that teaches with hackers in mind. The eBook is called “Batch File Programming”. I know, who would have guessed.

But before I give you access to the eBook, first you must know what Batch File Programming is.

Batch files are essentially sequences of DOS commands stored in a text file with an extension of “BAT”. When run, the batch executes each line in the batch file as if they were typed in at the console. So basically, a file containing DOS commands that you normally type into the command prompt.

Batch file are mainly used to do repeat tasks. Instead of typing in a commands over and over again to do a certain task, you can create a batch file that does it all automatically by performing a bulk set of commands.

So why should hackers know batch programming? Well I’ll give you a few ideas and you can decide on your own:

  • DNS Poisoning
  • Packet flooders
  • Dictionary attacks
  • Creating Viruses
  • Service Disabler
  • Clearing Logs

  • Bombers (Fork, Broadcast)
  • Msg Annoyers
  • Flooders (user, folders)
  • Extension changer (ex. html -> exe)
  • Keystroke remapper

There are so many more annoyances but I’m getting annoyed just from listing them. But I bet you get the point.. so lets get to the good stuff, no not drugs you bum. Click the image to download it.

Let me know what you think :-) .


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