Increase orkut scraps with scrap flooding tool

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This simple tool helps you to flood your scrap book and increase your scraps in minutes to 10000 odd scraps..I have used this tool and worked perfectly for me if there are any problems you can tell me via the comments .

How to increase your orkut scraps with this tool:

1.Just type the
UID(User Id Code) Its a number that looks like this : 12043700310848660809 in your profile.Look at the scren shot below to understand it better

2.Texto refers to the text of your scrap

3.And in the other box you gotto type the email and password of your id through which you want to flood the scrap ! You can make a fake id for this .. you gotto make sure one thing is that the fake id you are going to create should be in your friend's list or else you will end up only with one scrap

To increase orkut scraps First create A fake id and send a friend request to your Genuine Profile,Log into your genuine profile and accept the fake id's friend request ! Then make sure you sign out before doing this

Flood ScrapUid: 

and hence your orkut scraps are increased.

This Tool is brought to you by rafaell

The final output will look like this


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