How to Hack MSN Hotmail Account Password

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Hack MSN Hotmail Account using Reverting

1. Firstly you'll need a victim. Once you have this victim, I would recommend opening a text document with the following sections.

2. In this you'll see all the fields you'll need to fill for the revert form. You will NOT need to fill out all of these in order to revert an account. I'll note the importance of each field as we go along.

* Email:

This field should be filled in already. If you're confused to what to put here, just leave.

* Full Name:

Ok this is where the S/E(social engineering) begins. If you have the victim on Facebook, or some other social networking site, where you can acquire their details, then fill out the fields you can, and skip along to where relevant.

If you don't have a resource of their details, then visit these sites:

On these websites you can search people by various different means. In this case, we're going to use the email, as this is the only information we have at this point. So go to the email tab, type it in and hit search. If the person has signed up to websites with this email, you should get a list of sites they've signed up to, and if the site has a little padlock next to the thumbnail pic, it means the profile is locked (you will need to be friends to view).

If you still can't find it, use a little SE (Social Engeneering) try adding the victim as friend, and you will be able to see his full name. So by this point we should have covered: Email, Full name, Date Of Birth, Country, State/County, so next...

* Postcode/ZIP:

For the postcode, all you need to do is use the information you already have to your advantage. You should know which country and town they are from. So with this information, go to Google and type in the town + the words 'full postcode'. So for example, let's say the victim lived in Skopje, Macedonia. You would type 'Skopje full postcode' into the google search bar. Now in the results you should find full postcodes for that district, which should be located next to the boldly highlighted words that you searched. And as the full postcode/zip isn't as necessary, it won't matter that it isn't exactly what your victims actual postcode is. The only problem with this method is success rate may vary with country and area.


Get them to send you an email somehow, it doesnt matter how, you can just send an email saying: "hey, how are you?" and they'll probably reply. Also don't forget to put a decent 'Subject', you want them to open it, not think it's just some junk/spam. .

Your second option is to get the person on MSN (unless you already have them), and get them to interact with you. Here you can use a little command prompt trick to see his ip address.

1. Send them a file, or get them to send you a file.

2. Before you start the transfer though, goto start > run (if you're using vista, just press the windows key) and type in cmd, and hit enter.

3. Type in the following: netstat -n (without quotations) and hit enter, it will show you a list of active connections to different IP's, like this:

4. Remember or take a screenshot of those IP's, because once you start the transfer, type in netstat again while it's transferring and check for any new IP's, that is your victims IP.

Lastly, your final option, is to visit IP Tracer Websites:

1. MyIPTest - From here all you need to do is send the victim a link, and it will log their IP once they've visited it. I won't explain how to use, as the site is pretty self explanatory. Don't forget to TunyUrl your link otherwise it will be too obvious and no-one will click it.

2. Ok so now the IP is covered, how do we get the ISP (Internet Service Provider). For this go to to IP Tracer Website. This is an IP tracer website, which can get you loads of details on a persons connection and even location, providing you know the IP.

So the page will look like this:

#1 Is where we are going to enter the IP of the victim. Then hit the ''Track IP, host or website'' button.
#2 Is where all the information on the victim will appear once the tracking is complete.

In the list of information (no.2) you should see a line for 'My ISP'. This is the Internet Service Provider the victim is running from the tracked IP.

So the only fields you should have empty now are 'Last sign in', 'Contacts', 'Mail' & 'Nickname', so let's keep it moving...

Last Sign-In:

All you'll need to do for this, is simply go onto their Facebook, or one of the sites you found out they were signed up to earlier, and see when they were last active. If the source is unreliable, just say ''Yesterday'' for this field, because if they are an active computer-user there's a good chance they were on.

* Contacts:

To get the victims contacts for the ''Messenger contacts'' and ''Hotmail address book'' fields, all you need to do is go to their Facebook, or main social networking site, if they have one, and look at who they are most active with, i.e. who mostly leaves comments on their wall, likes their statuses etc. Good chance these are their closest friends, and therefore have them on MSN. You will need to collect the friends names and emails if possible, although this isn't of extreme importance. Just so we're clear, MSN contacts and Hotmail address book contacts are the same, if you add someone to MSN, they will go to your address book.

* Mail:

For the mail, you need to know some old mail they would have received in their hotmail inbox. All you need to do for this is visit again (don't forget to search several times for more accurate results), and for all the results you get, that means they are signed up to the site, which in turn means they must have received registration emails from these websites. So take all these down and add them to your txt.

* Nickname:

And finally we get to Nickname. Nice and simple, just add them on MSN, from another account, or if you have them already that's all good. Take down their screen/display name, and add it to your txt.

Ok so we should now have a complete form ready to revert this account.

So here's a list of the fields and level of importance:

Email: Extreme Importance for obvious reasons...
Full name: Very important
D.O.B: Very important
Country: Important
County/State: Not very important
Postcode: Not very important
IP&ISP: Not important atall (though they will help your case alot)
Last sign-in: Not very important, but don't overstep your mark
Contacts: Important that you get them right
Mail: Important that you get them right
Nickname: Important that you get it right

If you don't know a field, simply say 'I DON'T KNOW' or 'I CANNOT REMEMBER'

Some fields aren't as important as others, although if you attempt a guess and get it wrong, you'll pay severely by failing this whole revert.

REMEMBER: When filling out this form, it's going to an ACTUAL PERSON, not being auto-read by some bot, so at the bottom in the ''additional info'' box, make the most of it. Let them know you're desperate for your account back for whatever reason. All this will help.

Finally, the whole point of this tutorial, here is the revert link:

Revert Link

Bookmark it, as it's not very easy to memorise

Hope this helped. Enjoy Hacking ;)

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