How to block your friends scrapbook

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Learn to block your friends scrapbook in orkut
It will be really scary when you will find out that you are not able to reply to your friends scrap from your own scrapbook. Yes this hack can be used to block anybody’s scrapbook. The best part is that after the scrapbook is blocked nobody can scrap him.

Now to block your freinds scrapbook,You just need t paste the below code in your friends scrapbook.

Download the script

1.Victim cannot open his/her scrapbook,Whenever he will open his/her scrapbook he will be redirected to login sceen.

2.After this Whenever anybody will enter his scrapbook he will be Redirected to his Login Screen.

Solution : (To Unblock it)

To avoid being logged off again when you see the scrap, you can block flash in your browser.

For Firefox download the following plugin :

Download the plugin

In opera, you can disable the flash plugin.

Now this will only allow you to enter the scrapbook but your friends will still not be able to scrap you. So for that you need to delete the scrap.

Another Method:

First open your scrapbook.

Now Open your Orkut Homepage in a new window( Don't close the scrapbook ). You will find the login page.

Now enter your detail and login to Orkut.

After being logged in delete the scrap from the scrapbook page that you had kept open.

These were the two methods to block your friends scrapbook


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