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Where can you hack military organizations and massive businesses, empty their bank accounts and infect their systems without ever worrying about getting caught? If you didn’t guess the virtual world of games, then you need to be smacked because it says it in the title! I went out and got some of the many hacker games and wrote up reviews fo’ yu fo’ fwee.

Hacker V1

This game consists of 8 missions that don’t really require any logical thinking. Every mission is pretty much the same thing but different scenario. Once you go through the first mission, you will realize that it’s not worth even attempting the rest. It wasn’t realistic and to repetitive. Not worth downloading but if you still want to here’s the link:

Hacker v3.1

Chen Luu, the author of both this one and v1, greatly improved on this version. In this game, you are hired by a corporation to complete 12 missions. Real tools like ping, DNS, Nmap and Telnet are used in this game. The games shell was created to mimic the Unix shell so you learn some real commands. The process used to go through each mission will give you a pretty good idea of the process a hacker goes through in a real world situation. This game is worth checking out, plus it’s free.

Antivirus Tank

As soon as you download this game, you will realize that it is Da 1337 Sauce. This game turns your desktop icons and labels into spider viruses that try to leech onto you (the tank) and drag you away with their spider webs. You are a tank riding around your desktop and shooting away these spiders before they have a chance to strap their long stringy legs around your tank in a sexual manner. Eventually to beat the game, you need to kill the virus boss that hides behind your desktop screen. If you lack the skills to shoot down the spiders with machine guns and guided missiles, then you can have a friend play along with you. 2 tanks > 1 tank. I highly recommend getting this game!


The only hacking parts of this game are the scenarios and tools used. To actually do the hacking, you have to solve childish like puzzles like color matching. To think they want $20 for the game makes me wonder what they are inhaling in their free time. So, unless you like solving color puzzles or guessing games, this is not for you.

Mindlink 2005 Underground

First thing I noticed when I launched this game was the most annoying sound I have heard in my life. At first I thought it was just for the opening screen and would go away, but no, it was the background music for the game. It’s so bad, I’m wondering if maybe my sound card wasn’t interpreting it right because if I hadn’t found that mute check box, I would have started throwing things. The game uses realistic tools like Proxys, Ip Lookups and Bruteforce attacks but that’s the only few methods I could find. Maybe it’s because I was just running the trial version, but I highly doubt it. At first it wasn’t so bad, until I realized that the first 5 jobs were exactly the same. Get IP, connect to it, crack the PW and empty their bank account. Seriously? When I saw the option to purchase a chat room, I thought that maybe I could talk to some real people while I play the game. I ended up spending all the money that I had finding out that the people weren’t real and only responded with “What?” or “Ummmmmmm…” that’s when I closed the game. To think they actually want money for it too! No.

Uplink Hacker Elite

The point of this game is to complete missions and raise up in the ranks while you listen to the pretty shnazzy music in the background. It uses many programs based on real ones, so you will get a sense of some of the real methods used by hackers. The game is mostly point and click not really any command line. There are a good amount of missions that aren’t repetitive like some of the games so it should keep you occupied for a while. I actually found this game fun. I recommend trying it out.

Street Hacker

The first thing you notice when you launch the game is the pretty good techno music. This game actually has a real story line unlike the rest of these games. This is the only game that brought up real hacker terms and explained them. You start off on a Windows-like system, but when you get into other systems, they could be Windows or Linux. In the tutorial you are shown a Fedora box with it’s real folder hierarchy. I found this game to be by far one of the most educational ones.

Hacker Evolution 2007

This is my all time favorite one and not only because of its great music. This game is the most realistic. You mainly use the command line which is based on Linux so you are usually using real commands. This game puts you through the most realistic processes and the only one that mentions running exploits to gain access to the system. Usually these games just tell you to run a password cracker or send learn how to a virus.



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