Hack msn messenger password

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The method i would use here is a dictionary attack.

Dictionary attack:

A dictionary attack is a technique for defeating a cipher or authentication mechanism by trying to determine its decryption key or passphrase by searching likely possibilities.
A dictionary attack uses a brute-force technique of successively trying all the words in an exhaustive list (from a pre-arranged list of values). In contrast with a normal brute force attack, where a large proportion key space is searched systematically, a dictionary attack tries only those possibilities which are most likely to succeed, typically derived from a list of words in a dictionary.


1.First Download
msn messenger account hacker

2.Extract all files.

Msn account hacker
Hack msn

4.Browse passwords list and select

5.NOw it will start to
hack msn messenger password.

This will only work if
victims password is present in the password list.

This process is quite slow since it goes through
Secure Socket Layer uses SSL encryption. This tool can approximately test 17 passwords per minute, although it varies according to the connection of the user and also the Hotmail server.

I believe that the recovery rate to
hack msn messenger password or Hotmail account is very very low even though this tool works. This is because there are millions of words and also the user’s password is not necessary a valid word. Moreover, Hotmail password is “Case Sensitive”. Case Sensitive means the ability to distinguish between uppercase (capital) and lowercase (small) letters. So it will treat the word RUN differently from run.

I tried to hack my
msn messenger password and to my surprise, it does work! Before I started to hack msn messenger account, I’ve inserted my password into the dictionary list to see if it can process the list correctly.


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