Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway Cheats & Hack

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Main Cheat Codes
NOTE: These are the main Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway cheats that are usually applied by pressing down the right key combination. Please find the instructions on how to use these cheats below. Game Cheats
In the MAIN MENU, under OPTIONS, select ENTER CODE and use the following codes:

HI9WTPXSUK: 2 extra skins
0ZNDRBICRA: All Recon Points
SH2VYIVNZF: Kilroy Alert

NOTE: As their name suggests hints are not exactly Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway cheats, and are usually just simple (but very useful) tips on how you can unlock secret level, features, find hidden areas and such. Hopefully these will make playing Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway even more entertaining.

Unlock "Hard" Difficulty
Beat campaign on "easy" or "normal" difficulty.

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