Battlefield 2142 Cheats & Hack

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Main Cheat Codes
NOTE: These are the main Battlefield 2142 cheats that are usually applied by pressing down the right key combination. Please find the instructions on how to use these cheats below. Display Frames Per Second (FPS)
Press the [`] button on your keyboard to display the console. By default, the console should be mapped to this button ( ' : Grave). You can map the console button to another key by going to Options -> Controls -> Common Controls. After the console is visible, type in "renderer.drawfps 1" to display the fps.

NOTE: As their name suggests hints are not exactly Battlefield 2142 cheats, and are usually just simple (but very useful) tips on how you can unlock secret level, features, find hidden areas and such. Hopefully these will make playing Battlefield 2142 even more entertaining.

Knife reskin
To unlock the "Dogtagger Dagger" knife reskin, accumulate 50 unique dog tags on your soldier's account.

When the enemy Titan shields are down, attack it. The enemies will be waiting, but attacking the core will help you succeed faster. Always use teamwork.

Heal faster
If you are playing as the Assault class, throw one medkit on the ground and hold one in your hands to heal twice as fast.

For accomplishing small feats in Battlefield 2142, you receive pins. Pins are sometimes given with a career point bonus, denoted next the award name. Pins can be received numerous times:

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